Conferences and Symposiums

ESBB’s 5th International Conference is titled “ESBB 2018 Conference and Symposium on English Academic Writing in a Global World” 

23 March – 25 March,  2018

Toyama, Japan

March 23 will be devoted to the Symposium on English Academic Writing in a Global World, where a number of invited speakers will present on the theme of English academic writing, including Dr. John Unger, Dr. Sivakumar Sivasubramaniam, and Dr. Atsushi Iida. The schedule for the Symposium is online here.

March 24 and 25 will include invited Plenary presentations, concurrent short paper presentations, and poster presentations on the more broad themes outlined in our call for papers below. The tentative schedule has been proofread and copyediting, and is being finalized and verified with presenters. It can be accessed here.

Our call for papers is closed. The following information is included for archival purposes.

Call for Presentation Proposals

While the conference theme is English Beyond Borders, our intention is always to embrace the global along with the local, including supporting teachers grappling with local EFL/ESL issues. We are keen to hear from presenters wishing to discuss a very local issue.

Our conferences explore the diverse kinds of borders and boundaries that English teachers and scholars must negotiate to achieve success and benefit learners.

We invite papers on the following themes:

  • Research related to English language teaching and learning at the college or university level
  • General research related to English language teaching and learning, TEFL/TESL, and TESOL
  • English for research publication purposes
  • Studies which critically investigate academic publishing from the perspectives of authors, reviewers/editors, and Open Access;
  • Multilingual scholars in study and publication
  • Non-blind dialogic review
  • Multi/bilingual issues in language learning and linguistics
  • EAP/ESP across borders
  • English literature across borders
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated learning)/EMI (English Medium Instruction)
  • Study abroad and International exchange
  • Interdisciplinary issues in TESOL
  • Encouraging (cultural) diversity in voice and agency
  • New directions in critical thinking and reasoning
  • Using technology to cross borders
  • Corpora in language teaching and research
  • Migrants and refugees in language learning

More information about the conference, including access and accommodation information, will be made available on the ESBB 2018 Conference and Symposium page as planning process proceeds. If you have a question about the conference, you are welcome to contact the Conference Chair, Theron Muller.

ESBB’s 4th International Conference Proceedings information

We also extend many thanks to Naeema and her team for organizing a stimulating and interactive conference in Leeds (June 29 -July 1, 2017). Some presentations were recorded and are available for viewing here.

For information about abstracts and publication of proceedings, please contact Dr. Naeema Hann at or +44 (0)113 81 25179. For information about ESBB contact Dr. Roger Nunn or at +971526993957

Future Events

Our next international conference will be in Japan 2018, 23 March – 25 March (Conference Chair ESBB Member Theron Muller). See our conference site for more information and details, including the Call for Papers, which closes December 1, 2017.

Several offers beyond 2018 are under consideration with South Africa (Cape Town) and India as a likely destinations in 2019/2020. We also host occasional smaller conferences and symposia.